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Basement Water Proofing Systems

Basement Foundation Water-Proofing System

Basement Waterproofing Systems

Have you ever noticed moisture in your basement after a good rain? Here at ABC Renovations, we offer a solution!
Water has the potential to cause serious damage to your home. Even a relatively minor leak can cause thousands of dollars to repair and clean up. We’re here to help you prevent, or fix, that problem.
Water in your basement is not only a threat to your belongings, it’s a sign that the overall health of your foundation may be at risk.
More often than not, your foundation issues are due to water interaction with the soil surrounding the foundation. The solution is to install a waterproof barrier for your foundations and install a new footing drain and gravel, with just enough soil for your vegetation and landscaping. There are several benefits to the solution ABC Renovations provides, besides keeping your basement water free, including; (1) Footing Stability – does not allow water to be held around the foundation, (2) Footing Foundation Stability – gives your foundation a more stable component with the gravel, and (3) Hydrostatic Pressure Relief – relieves the water pressure on the foundation wall.
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